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So somewhere inbetween the cookie crumbs in her backpack and hiding her husband's porn movies from him, this girl in my class and I were talking about people stealing our seat and how much we hate it! You know how when you first start a class, everyone picks out where they're going to sit and then that becomes their spot forever?.. everyone in that class knows who's spot is who's! But then someone decides to steal someone else's spot.. which just so happened to be mine!
I told rocky about this and it turns out he's a seat stealer!!! he steals people's spot in class just to see them do this confused little circle around the room, and finally pick another place to sit frantically. lol anyways..

I watched this weird movie the other night.. The Tracey Fragments. It's based on the novel by Maureen Medved. Very angsty movie, kind of depressing, and confusing. But it also makes you think, it's smart and different. I want to read the novel.

Something we watched in class today.. 

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