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Is it weird that I'm reading three books at the same time?

I asked rocky this and he said yes. lol
I often wonder how many people actually do that... there's just so many books I want to read that I become overly anxious part way through the one I'm reading. so I end up with three or four. It becomes overwhelming though. I usually end up just picking one.

I didn't even notice till now, but the three I'm reading are all fantasy books. Valiant by Holly Black, an urban fantasy; Beauty by Robin McKinley, a retelling of Beauty & the Beast; and Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice. Valiant isn't as good as I thought it would be. still an okay book, and I still want to read Tithe, the first in the series.

I'm sitting here drinking coffee by myself. rocky and I fell asleep earlier around 6pm, then I woke up and tried to wake him up by jumping on the bed and bringing him some coffee. neither worked. 

stuff I got for christmas:

blue & purple knitted scarf, sparkly purple bracelets from my aunt.
painting of a green chair on a red canvas, euphoria perfume from mom&dad.
starbucks card, yummy cinnamon candle from my bro, brian& his wife.
book of poetry from rocky(five decades: poems by pablo neruda).
hot cocoa gift set from rocky's dad&family.
some gift cards: kohl's, barnes&noble, and best buy.


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