April 18th, 2009

spotless mind

the letter

While analyzing the works of Jan Vermeer during homework tonight, there was a painting of his I especially liked called The Letter. His work was really refreshing when you've been reading about religious & political propaganda art for hours! I love the symbolism and the simple beauty/meaning behind it..

(copied from my textbook..)
Vermeer ushers viewers into a room of a well-appointed Dutch house. The drawn curtain and open doorway through which they must peer reinforce the viewers' status as outsiders and affirm the scene's unplanned "normal" reality. The woman of the house is in elegant attire, and her lute playing has been interrupted by a maid, who has delivered a letter. The missive is a love letter; Vermeer included objects that would prompt this inference from a 17th-century Dutch audience. The lute was a traditional symbol of the music of love, and the calm seascape on the back wall served as a symbol of love requited. In the book Love Emblems, published in Amsterdam in 1634, the author wrote, "Love may rightly be compared to the sea, considering its changeableness."

As much as I love learning all this neat stuff, I'm ready for my summer time!  We get to move into our new place next month too! Me and my friend Beth have started a list of things we have to do this summer:

1. Hang out at Starbucks with our laptops & write
2. Write write write!
3. Take lots of pictures
4. Read lots of books