Hannah (apathykisses) wrote,


my very-anxious-to-read list :

Delirium  by Laura Restrepo
P.S. Your Cat is Dead  by James Kirkwood
Volk's Game  by Brent Ghelfi
The Delivery Man  by Joe McGinniss Jr.
Sputnik Sweetheart  by Haruki Murakami
American Whiskey Bar by Michael Turner
The Brief History of the Dead  by Kevin Brockmeier
Hairstyles of the Damned  by Joe Meno
Homework  by Margot Livesey
Lux the Poet  by Martin Millar
The Tracey Fragments  by Maureen Medved
Woman's World  by Graham Rawle
The Witch of Portobello  by Paulo Coelho
The Dead Fish Museum: Stories  by Charles D'Ambrosio
The Book of Illusions  by Paul Auster
The Monsters of Templeton  by Lauren Groff
Firmin  by Sam Savage
Tell Me What You See  by Zoran Drvenkar
A Window Across the River  by Brian Morton
Wildwood Dancing  by Juliet Marillier
Her Last Death: A Memoir  by Susanna Sonnenberg

if you happen to have read any of these, let me know what you thought.
Tags: books

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