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boondock saints

2009 ~

I had alot of fun this year. besides the whole getting sick part. We ended up driving to palm springs new year's eve, but we didn't leave till 9, so we got there like 20min before midnight. palm springs is where my friend Terri lives, and she had a party at her place.
Almost as soon as I walked in, some guy I don't know runs up to me with a sharpie telling me to sign his shirt.
Rocky kissed me at midnight. then Terri sprayed everyone with a bottle of champagne, and I really wish I had that on video. some guy wearing a white jacket got soaked the most. he looked confused and maybe a little scared.
Maybe an hour after midnight, the party got cleared out. then it was just me, rocky, terri, tony, and this other guy.. I can't remember his name. we all played beer pong, which was my first time to ever play beer pong. me and terri had this idea of using champagne instead of beer... don't ever do this.  unless champagne is the only thing you're drinking. let's just say, I got to know terri's bathroom pretty well that night. until 5 in the morning actually.
After we slept through our hangovers the next day, me and rocky went looking for this place called Pinkberry, but rocky kept calling it plumberries... this place was trippin me out and maybe trying to brainwash us. I guess they succeeded because I really want this toothpick holder they had...

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